Realize Better Health Services

Integrative Health Coaching

Providing a framework for clients to explore their personal health and wellness goals, name them clearly, and set up a success-oriented action plan for achieving and sustaining those goals. Learn more about IHC

Individual Coaching

In person, online, or by phone

Group Coaching

Available during the day or evenings

Workshop: Family Healthy Lifestyle Plan

Today’s holistic view of health and wellness is introduced and used to empower workshop members to develop a lifestyle that sets their family up to thrive! Current knowledge of health and wellness is discussed, workshop members are lead to develop their own unique family health vision and plan so their family may experience their optimal health.

Lunch & Learns

Presentations on Health and Well-Being

Today’s concepts on Health and Wellness and how your daily routines impact your health. What is your health and wellness like today? What do you see as your optimal health? This presentation starts you on a path to get you there!

Presentations on Heart Health

Overview of the Whole person concept of Health and Wellness. Introduction of the 7 areas of self-care and how it relates to heart health. How does heart health relate to high blood pressure, smoking, diabetes, high cholesterol, and obesity. What one can do to reduce their risk for heart disease and metabolic syndrome…therefore, reduce the risk of heart attacks, strokes, heart failure, and other organ failure such as kidneys.

Presentations on the Role of Mindfulness

How using mindfulness in everyday activities can have a profound impact on one’s health.

Presentations on Living Your Best Life

Life is a dynamic process that is full of life transitions. Sometimes we may feel not quite engaged or stuck in how to move forward. This presentation offers a way to reconnect and move forward.